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Science Techbook

It's an amazing world out there. Explore it all in here.

Change the way students and teachers experience real-world science

Built on the 5E model, Science Techbook provides exciting multimedia, virtual activities and hands-on labs with model lessons, STEM project starters, and standard-aligned assessments. This digital science textbook is a one-stop K-12 science resource offering everything students want and teachers need.

Ignite student interest and open doorways to learning with exciting real world curriculum resources, packaged with instructional strategies and personalized for your needs as an educator.

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Engage with Real-World Content

Science Techbook brings real-world, engaging educational content from partners like MythBusters, Cheddar, NBA, Shark Week, MLB and Street Science into the classroom. This ever-growing collection offers a variety of resources that mirror the unique interests of students, helping them make relevant and lasting connections between science and their everyday lives.

Research-based and Industry Approved

This digital science textbook is certified by the NY Academy of Science's Global STEM Alliance. Science Techbook is an award-winning digital curriculum that builds context and drives understanding of 21st Century skills while providing K-12 students with relevant career connections.

Bring the Magic of Science to Life for All Learners

Every student learns in their own way. Science Techbook is specifically developed for diverse student audiences and curated by experts for ease of access. High quality multi-modal content is essential to improving academic vocabulary, breaking down barriers to learning, providing all students multiple ways to shine, and engaging students in higher-level thinking. Science Techbook supports students of different abilities, learning styles and language needs by delivering information through interactive games, multimedia resources, text-to-speech, the ability to adjust Lexile levels along with authentic Spanish translations.

Val Verde Unified School District, CA

"Discovery Education provided the guidance and structure we needed to switch to phenomena-based and inquiry-based instruction."

Doug Henderson STEAM Coordinator

Inspire the Students of Today and Create the Scientists of Tomorrow

Val Verde Partner Story: Discovery Education Science Techbook

District leaders were initially attracted to Science Techbook because of its deeply rooted connection to NGSS. Powerful model lessons help teachers give students a relatable anchor point for learning about the world around them, inspiring them to discover the passion of a scientist in each of them.

Join more than 50% of US districts aimed at challenging the status quo.

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Available Languages

Discovery Education Services are Available in Multiple Languages, Including English, Arabic, Spanish, Mandarin, Swedish, and More.

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